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About Us

Mary’s flower Superhead were formed back in the summer of 2003 in Thessaloniki. The band consists of Elias Smilios, Thanos Kazantzis and Nick Dimakidis. They started writing and expressing themselves through music as teenagers, making their presence felt through their dynamic live performances from the very first moment. Their sound was originally influenced by the American indie punk scene and this was reflected on their first titular release (Mary’s flower Superhead, Polytropon records) in 2006. Four years later, they went on to release SWAY (Archangel records, 2010), an album which was obviously influenced by the disco – post punk revival of that time. What has made them stand out is their remarkable videos, their dynamic presence at the Europavox festival (Clermont Ferrand, France) in 2010, as well as their extensive tours in the Balkans and Greece. Two years later they release the album Digesting the Animal (Polytropon records, 2012) maintaining their post punk sound, having though introduced synths and samples in their music. The close friendship among the band members and their need to come back and express themselves through a new album bring Mary's flower Superhead again to the spotlight after four years with Wealth (Inner Ear Records, 2018). This album has a dynamic, raw and honest sound based on older, teen music listenings of M.f.S., filtered out though by today's maturity.

It’s an album full of energy which the band is looking forward to transmit live on stage.


Band Members


Nick D

Bass, B Vocals, synth

Elias S


Thanos K

Drums, B Vocals, synth