Mary's Flower Superhead

Mary’s Flower Superhead were formed in the summer of 2003. Three friends from Thessaloniki-Greece shared their passion for independent music and got in the studio to feel how it is to produce music and express themselves through sound. They have released so far two LPs, Mary’s Flower Superhead (2006 - Polytropon Records) and SWAY (2010 - Archangel Records). Their new EP 'Digesting The Animal' is finally released! (June 2012 - Independent release). They have played extensively in Greece and in 2010 an invitation to play abroad came by Europavox Festival (Clermont Ferrant- France), when MFS played along with Pete Doherty, Peter Hook, Richard Hawley, The Plasticins and other European artists. The next year, two successful gigs followed in Sofia and Istanbul. They have supported the Placebo gig in Thessaloniki (2007) and they have played with Stereo MC’s (Reworks Festival, 2009), Madrugada, Erase Erata and other artists. Until now, they have gained very enthusiastic reviews, mostly from the local but from the international press as well, praising their live performances and the energy the band shares on stage.

MFS are:
Elias S: Vocals,Guitar,synth
Nick D: Bass, B Vocals, synth
Thanos K: Drums, B Vocals, synth


Digesting the Animal

Released: 2012



Released: 2010


Mary's Flower Superhead

Released: 2006



Losing Paths

Direction: Vasilis Kehagias

Touch to a Blast

Direction: Stavrina Kykalou

She Said

Direction: Mario Ermitikos Spiroglou

The Boy You Can't Destroy

Direction: Mario Ermitikos Spiroglou


29-09-2017 Kapana Fest 2017 Plovdiv Bulgaria
10-09-2017 Wrong Fest 2017 Voinegovtsi, Sofia Bulgaria
08-03-2017 Rover Thessaloniki Greece
04-03-2017 Don Kihotis Katerini Greece
02-03-2017 Beatnik Ioannina Greece
10-12-2016 Velvet Room Athens Greece
01-12-2016 Ipogeio Thessaloniki Greece
21-05-2015 8ball Thessaloniki Greece
17-04-2015 Principal Thessaloniki Greece
03-12-2014 Rover Thessaloniki Greece
06-09-2014 Bar Bez Ime Summer Edition Burgas Bulgaria
05-09-2014 Melon Art Summer Stage Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria
04-09-2014 Club Red Alert Ploiești Romania
03-09-2014 The Shelter Cluj Romania
02-09-2014 Control Club Bucharest Romania
01-09-2014 Bee Bop Café Plovdiv Bulgaria
25-04-2014 Mavri Tripa Thessaloniki Greece
20-03-2014 Tiki Bar Athens Greece